With the immense popularity of the internet, it has become a crucial part of day to day functions. One of the main parts of the internet that makes it so efficient is the massive amount of websites. When you are to create your own website, you will need to be in contact with a web hosting service which is where reseller hosting comes into play. Reseller hosting has become a great way for third parties to make a profit while providing services to clients just as efficient as those presented by web hosting companies.

How to Host Websites on Behalf of Third Parties

Those who offer a reselling hosting service will be using their hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites. What the reseller will do is purchase the services offered by the host by a wholesale price and then they will resell them to clients, most likely to obtain profit. With every customer that creates an account, they are given a certain amount of hard drive space and bandwidth that they can use to build their website. Generally you will see that the reseller will rent a particular server from a hosting company to host their accounts on.

How Does it Benefit the Reseller?

If you are a web hosting entrepreneur and you are looking for a way to get your name known, reselling hosting services is a great way to start your own company. With many hosting companies you will notice that there are certain reseller hosting plans that will allow the owner (you) to choose what they want to offer in their plans and what prices they wish to sell them for. Many hosting companies once started out as resellers and were able to establish their own brand by way of offering their services to customers.

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