The year 1966 marked the 9th season of the existence of the Canadian Football League. While this was only the 9th official season of the league, there were 4 years previous that the beginning of the CFL that Canadian football had existed.

The year 1966 brought a few changes to the league. The sport was a work in progress, like all sports, and the rules evolved over time in order to adapt to unforeseen circumstances that arose after the beginning of the league. This year featured a major rule change that would change the way that people could block. Previously there were limits to how much blocking could be done on rushing plays. 1966 brought a rule in which there were no limits on how much blocking could be done on each run play. There was also a change in the goal posts. They were changed to a goose-necked style of post.

The regular season in the CFL featured one Conference that was clearly dominant over the other. The Eastern Football Conference was simply a notch above the Western Football Conference during the regular season.

These two divisions played different amounts of games due to the number of teams in each conference. There were just 4 teams in the Eastern Football Conference. Meanwhile there were 5 teams in the Western Football Conference.

The worst team in the Eastern Conference was the Toronto Argonauts. The Argonauts managed to win just 5 games on the season while dropping 9. This team struggled, but they were the only team that really struggled in the Eastern Conference. The Argonauts were the only team in the Eastern Conference that had a record that was worse than .500.

The Montreal Alouettes were the 3rd place team in the conference and finished with a 7-7 record on the season. This record was good enough for a playoff berth. The Alouettes weren’t quit the caliber of the other teams in the Eastern Conference, but they were still on par with just about all of the other teams in the Western Conference. If you need any kind of information on this article related topic click here: 먹튀검증